The Teams are in the Tunnel…

Every team is different. Every set of fans has their own unique chants and match day rituals. Every club plays a song when the two sets of teams emerge from the tunnel. These songs vary from one club to another with differing levels of relevance. My team, Charlton, run out to the Red Red Robin by Billy Cotton, which growing up I thought was very original and a bit quirky. Until I found out Bristol City have the same song. Fair enough as they are nicknamed ‘The Robins’, so I’ll let them have that even if it is slightly soul destroying! Even with this slight setback I still find the upbeat tune motivating enough to get me going before every home game.

This got me on to thinking about other clubs and if their respective songs provoke a similar reaction amongst their fans. Having followed Charlton to various grounds some entrance songs stick in the memory more than others. Mostly because they are rubbish! Wigan Athletic playing a song from the Gladiator soundtrack comes to mind!

As I said some clubs do seem to have a slightly more unique entrance song than the mighty Latics. Man City for one come out to a slightly rocky version of their terrace favourite ‘Blue Moon’, while everyone knows Liverpool have the ever-distinctive ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ by Gerry and the Pacemakers. It does appear clubs with a bit more history are the ones with a more unique choice of anthem. So from the sublime to the ridiculous. Following on from Wigan’s odd choice there is West Brom with ‘Insomnia’ by Faithless and Queens Park Rangers with ‘Papa’s got a brand new Pig Bag’. Nope that’s not a typo that really is the song they come out to! The most bizarre though has got to be Aston Villa coming out to the theme to Thunderbirds, not exactly motivational is it?

Now I know this doesn’t affect the result of a game and in the end it doesn’t really matter, but hey its been a slow day! So next time you’re watching your team home or away have a listen just before the real action starts and you might get a funny surprise!


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